Happiness Key To Your Life In So Many Ways

happiness-keyJerome Fleg, a doctor with the National Heart, Lung, and Blood. Institute, studied a group of adults for 24 years. He found that cheerful people reported less chest pain. Fleg believes it’s because they produce fewer stress hormones such as cortisol. Unhappy people produce more stress hormones. And these hormones thicken the blood and raise blood pressure. So unhappy people are primed for a heart attack.

The results of a study of 866 heart patients showed that happier individuals had an advantage. They had a 20 percent improved odds of living longer. Constant happiness isn’t necessary, says Beverly Brummett of Duke University Medical Center. But avoid emotional lows.

Optimism also improves the immune system, says Suzanne Segerstrom, assistant psychology professor at the University of Kentucky. That’s the long-term result. But in the short run, optimists can show signs …

West Nile Vs. Pesticides: Are Either Of Them Any Good?

nil-virusOn Monday, July 24, 2000, by order of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, New York City’s Central Park was shut down. On that evening the park was sprayed with pesticides that would wipe out mosquitoes potentially infected with West Nile virus. While people in the city were concerned about being infected with the virus, not everybody was in agreement with the mayor on the use of pesticides. One environmental organization filed a lawsuit against the city because they felt the pesticides being used were hazardous to the public’s health.

The debate over pesticides used to spray mosquitoes will continue to grow as West Nile virus continues to spread throughout the country.

A Virus on the Go

We have all been bitten at one time or another by a mosquito. They are annoying insects that feed on human and animal blood and can …

Making Friends: Are You As Solid As You Think?

therapymaybe you chat with the girl whose locker is next to yours. You might sit at the same lunch table with the same people every day. Borrowing a CD from the kid behind you in English class is no sweat, and you’re a bonafide member of the Debate Club. But when it comes to true chums, you can’t really say you have any.

Perhaps your situation is more complex. You’ve got a full circle of friends, but something doesn’t feel right. It’s like you’re in the group but out of touch. They don’t give you that “I belong here” feeling, and you’re not sure your friends would stand by you in a pinch.

What if the relationship were put to the test because someone said or did something you didn’t like? In a conflict, would it still be easy to …

Beware Of Evil Foods

evil-foodsSuzi felt run-down after battling mono, but she had to get through calculus class. Energy drinks at her local drugstore promised vitamins and natural energy boosters. But one brand-name drink gave Suzi a rude shock when she tried it.

“I felt really wired,” she says. Later that night, Suzi couldn’t get to sleep. Not only was the drink loaded with stimulants, but it had three times the recommended amounts of other ingredients too.

“Functional’ Drinks”

The energy drink Suzi tried is part of a growing market of “functional” drinks. Companies sell these drinks as supplements that supposedly deliver health benefits.

Should you believe the hype? “Sustained thermogenic energy. Face it, you could use everything in here!” “New Pre-Workout Drink So Outrageously Powerful … It Stimulates Thousands of Muscle Fibers That Haven’t Grown in Years!!” While making exaggerated claims, the ads …

Anxiety Can Be Brutal

anxietyas she stood in front of the class to give her report, Ricki could feel the sweat trickling down the back of her neck. Her wobbly knees and her flip-flopping stomach made it hard to concentrate. “Slow down, Ricki!” her teacher admonished. Ricki realized she had been racing through her report so she could get it over with and sit down again.

Normal anxiety? Sure–it takes practice to be able to get up in front of a group and speak, and most people feel nervous about it beforehand. Not only is that kind of stress normal, it’s helpful. Ricki’s stress can help her think more sharply and give her the extra burst of energy she needs to do a better job.

So what tips the scales from normal to high anxiety? In a nutshell, it’s anxiety that can’t be turned …

Learn How To Remove Skin Tags Yourself, Effectively

Skin tags often look like a piece of loose skin and they are found in between the folds of your skin, and even sometimes just in areas you might not think they should be. Although they are not harmful, many people choose to remove them because they are just frankly bizarre, especially if they grow on visible areas. Some prefer to go to the doctor to have skin tags removed, particularly if they have a fantastic health care plan with no co-pays. However, you can also “do it yourself” in order to remove the skin tags effectively. If you want to learn how to remove skin tags yourself, all you need to do is to buy some creams. The creams do not require a prescription as they are available over the counter.

You need to be very careful when buying them because not all of them contain natural ingredients. When learning how to remove skin tags yourself, make sure that you use the safest method. If you choose to cut off your skin tags with some kind of blade, make sure you use a cutting tool that has been sterilized. Do not attempt to cut your skin tags off without making sure that the tool has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized (tips here). Doing so may only expose your skin to irritation. It is imperative that you take necessary precautions when learning how to remove skin tags yourself, or things could get dangerous real fast.

What You Need To Remember When Removing Skin Tags

If you have noticed loose flaps of skin around your eyelids, neck, groin folds and underneath your breasts, these are probably going to be defined as skin tags. They often develop if your skin rubs against your clothing or jewelry. It might seem like a daunting task to remove them but the process is very easy. You can even use homemade remedies for removing skin tags. However, you need to be extra careful because if you are going to remove skin tags without using clean tools, you might end up irritating your skin. When it comes to removing skin tags, it is important that you are using safe products such as those reviewed at removeskintagsnaturally.com. Avoid products that are prone to causing serious skin irritation. It is really necessary that you read in depth about the options available before you decide on choosing a specific product. Read the rest of this entry »

Getting, And Staying Happy

happinessBrittany Clifford, who lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, is doing something that makes her happy–and bringing fun, caring, and happiness to many children in hospitals. “The best thing I like is giving the slippers to them–and everyone laughs and smiles.”

It all started when Brittany visited her friend Michael in the hospital in 2000. Michael was having trouble keeping his feet warm, so Brittany decided to buy him slippers. She then noticed that many children in the hospital didn’t have slippers. That was the beginning of the Fuzzy Feet Foundation. “I’ve always loved wearing a cute pair of slippers. They make me happy,” she said. “I got really excited when I realized I could do something to make a difference in a sick kid’s life just by giving them slippers to make them feel more at home when they are in …

Quit Stinking Up The Joint!

sweetCindy planned to wear her favorite pale blue shirt on Friday, but when she took it out, she noticed big yellow stains under the arms.

During math, Sam leaned over to whisper something funny to his best friend. “Whoa, did something die in your mouth?” exclaimed his friend, holding his nose.

Sean sat down to watch TV and kicked off his sneakers. Within seconds, his brother slid down to the other end of the couch and his sister started gagging.

You’re Sweating!

It’s no secret that your body goes through some heavy-duty changes during puberty. One of those changes is that your sweat glands–3 million of them, in fact–suddenly go into overdrive. You sweat when you’re active, of course (that’s your body’s way of cooling you down), but you also start to sweat when you’re nervous or excited. The glands …

Avoiding Spinal Cord Injuries Is So Critical

spinal-cord-injuryOn October 26, 1985, Marc Buoniconti, a college sophomore from The Citadel, in South Carolina, suffered a spinal cord injury doing what he loved best–playing football. The injury left Marc paralyzed from the neck down.

In the 18 years since his injury, Marc and his father, Nick Buoniconti, a former All-Pro linebacker with the Miami Dolphins, have created a fund that raises money for the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis.

According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Association, approximately 10,000 teenagers and young adults between the ages of 16 and 30 will experience a spinal cord injury each year. Millions more will experience some type of head trauma. Most spinal cord and head injuries can be prevented by following simple safety precautions.

Effects of Spinal Cord and Head Injuries

The spinal cord is a flexible column of bones called vertebrae …

Listen Up!

listen-upWhen Maria inquired about a shelf-stocking job at a local discount store, the manager looked surprised. Maria, who has cerebral palsy, is confined to a wheelchair. “I made it very clear that my chair wouldn’t be a problem, and that I could work effectively,” she remembers.

Although Maria scheduled an interview, someone contacted her beforehand to say the position had been filled. Maria believes her disability cost her the job, because the manager wasn’t listening to what she was saying.

It doesn’t take a disability to feel frustrated when what we say isn’t understood or believed. Hearing is just the first part of listening. “Listening effectively is hearing and understanding what a speaker is saying and how it applies to you, and then remembering it for future use,” says Carol Rosenthal, assistant director of the Academic Resource Center at Utah …